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10 Fatal Mistakes Home Sellers Make

#1-Picking The Wrong Agent

Not all Real Estate Agents are created equally. As a matter of fact, in some cities almost one percent of the population either has or at one time had a real estate license. Most agents are part time. And only a small percentage of real estate agents do the majority of the business and they all work full-time at it. A great real estate agent knows the local marketplace like the back of their hand. This takes years of studying the markets and continually staying apprised of what homes are for sale and selling for. You need someone with a very intimate knowledge of your market. One that’s willing to tell you the truth even when it’s easier not to.

#2-Working With Unqualified Prospects

Nothing upsets a home seller more than having to scramble to pick up their house and drive away for a home showing and to come back and hear from their REALTOR that the prospects aren’t looking to move for another 4-6 months. Many agents will show their homes to anyone that wants to see them with no questions asked. A great agent however knows that it’s their responsibility to qualify any prospective buyer first. This cannot only save hours of wasted time (and frustration) for the home seller, but will also help fit the right prospects to the property.

#3-Poorly Pricing Their Property

In the mad rush to sell a home it’s often the price of the home that gets the least amount of attention. In an effort to gain the business of a potential client many inexperienced and poor performing agents will often lisat a home for sale for any price the homeowner wants to. They often simply concede that it’s easier to go back to you for a price reduction once they have you committed to working with them. A great agent knows that on the contrary that the home must be priced right from the start and that improper pricing can actually doom a property to never sell.

#4-Misunderstanding Market Trends

A home seller working with an inexperienced agent can be misinformed about real estate market trends. Market trends and market timing can be critical to the sale of your home. A home seller that finds themselves on the back end of a declining trend can often go through several price reductions and still mis-time the trend resulting in a home that sits unsold.

#5-Emotional Based Selling

The decision to sell a home can often be brought about based on several factors facing a home seller, most of which have an emotional element to them. A home seller must understand that selling their home should be looked at as a business transaction. If buyers criticize your home during the negotiation process it can be very tempting to let your emotions take control, which can lead to a failed sale or stalled negotiations.

#6-Poor Home Access

A quick sale can often happen for the home seller whose ready at a moment’s notice to show their home. On the contrary, some home sellers have missed opportunities to sell their home due to poor accessibility for the real estate agent. A lockbox placed on the home coupled with detailed contact instructions for the home seller can often provide agents (driving motivated buyers around) incentive to show your home instead of someone else’s.

#7- Bad Home Hygiene

Often many prospective home buyers can be turned off by simple things that can be taken care of with good housekeeping. You’d probably be quite surprised how many people cannot look past a little mess. Make sure your home shines and you make sure you have the largest potential for selling it.

#8-Insane Tradition

The “Old Days” approach to real estate sales has officially become extinct. In today’s real estate world real estate agents have new technologies and tactics available to them that most home owners would be astounded by. The right marketing plan ( one that integrates today’s technologies & tactics) will sell your home in the shortest amount of time for the best price guaranteed!

#9-Putting On A Bad Show

Home showings are where the magic happens. Prior to the showing your home has no connection to your prospective buyers. A properly shown home by an agent that understands buyer psychology can and will make the difference in the battle for the prospect’s mind. Once the buyers are mentally hooked getting them to sign the offer comes naturally.

#10-Deferring Maintenance & Repair

Many home sellers scrimp and save when it comes to home maintenance & repair. They do not realize that even minor improvements (such as some new landscaping) or repairs (like a broken gate latch) can cost them thousands of dollars when they are in negotiations. If a home has too many repairs the prospective buyers may feel they are buying themselves a project house. Most buyers want a home that is in “good-as-new” condition.