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10 Epic Treehouses

Growing up, almost everyone remembers being jealous of that kid with a treehouse in his backyard.

Maybe you don't have the space or resources to make your childhood dreams come true today, but you'd be hard-pressed to match the awesomeness of these amazing treehouses. 

From Tim Burton-esque abodes to sleek futuristic contraptions that seem to bend the laws of the physics, we've rounded up some amazing treehouses that probably aren't like anything you've seen in your backyard. 

1. Inhabit Treehouse

Though currently just a concept, designer Antony Gibbon's Inhabit Treehouse is finished with a cedar cladding that ages along with the structure, so that it will blend into its surroundings over time. You enter the treehouse — how else? — through a classic trapdoor in the center. 



2. The Birds' Nest


The Birds' Nest is a circular treehouse at the Swedish Treehotel that, true to its name, mimics a birds nest. (Though the inside is thoroughly posh.)


3. Cocoon Tree

For the more adventurous treehouse-builder, these Cocoon Trees are spherical waterproof pods that are rigged up onto trees with ropes and nets. 

4. Hapuku Lodge Upper Branch Tree House

This New Zealand hotel offers the option of staying in treehouses. Wouldn't you rather sleep in a place like this? It's like an apartment, but better and above a Manuka grove. 

5. The Mirrorcube


The Mirrorcube a literally cube in the sky — it also basically makes you invisible. Beat that.

6. Ramshackle TreehouseThis treehouse looks maybe a little bit unsafe, but also like a cross between a Tim Burton creation and the Weasley family's abode. So basically awesome. 

7. Huntsville Botanical Garden Treehouse

Located in Alabama, Huntsville Botanical Garden has exhibited treehouses as part of its Tremendous Treehouses exhibit in 2010. This one in particular looks beautifully geometric.

8. The Cabin

The Treehotel's Cabin is just like a capsule in the sky. And the view looks pretty great. 

9. Free Spirit Spheres

Free Spirit Spheres look almost fictional in the best way possible. These spherical treehouses are accessed by a spiral staircase and suspension bridge, so it's an adventure just to get inside.

10. The UFO

 Live out any alien abduction fantasies, because this treehouse is the real deal. The inside of The UFO is even decorated with space paraphernalia.