315 . 735. 2222
315 . 735. 2222

Ruth Fanelli

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Phone: 315-797-0234

Cell Phone: 315-525-4115

E-Mail: jfanelli6@verizon.net

Agent Information:

Marketing - Oxford Heights, New Hartford

I have been a licensed for over 27 years.

I was born and raised in Utica, NY. We ( John & I ) were memebers of the Yahnundasis Country Club for over 30 years and made many friends. John also has a trucking company.

The best award is being a good mother and grandmother to my two girls who lost their mom!

Other experience-
I have worked for GE-LMED as well as for attorneys in the area.

Other Info-
I've lived in many areas of Central New York for my entire life. I have the experience to expose clients to many wonderful areas that i am familiar with.



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