315 . 735. 2222
315 . 735. 2222

Pauline Nicotera

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Phone: (315) 735-2222 ext. 6661

Cell Phone: (315) 525-1532

E-Mail: paulinernicotera@yahoo.com

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Here's What Agent's Clients Are Saying:

 "The sound advice and the fact that we were kept appraised every step of the way. I trust my agent. Keep up the good work, Pauline!" -Scott & Rosemary S.

"Spent entire week with us. We only had one week to find a house! Kept up on closing date due to the fact furniture was arriving out of state!" - Kenneth Green

"Pauline helped us in a very personal way. She is the greatest. Pauline also sold a house for us in 2004 which was not an easy task. But she did great!" - Tonia McCulley

"Pauline has always provided us with outstanding professional and personal service throughout the year. We are pleased that we finally were able to reward her for all of her efforts!" - Dale Lockwood

"We couldn't say enough nice things about the way Pauline handled the sale of our house. She was very courteous and always available and ready to answer any questions. She is a great asset to Coldwell Banker."- Marion

"Pauline has always provided excellent service and we could use Pauline in the future, just as we have used her in the past. Pauline has always returned our phone calls in a very time timely manner!" - Maria

"Pauline was excellent. She is knowledgeable, professional and friendly. She answered all of my questions anmy house quickly."- Allison M

"Pauline was available to us anytime we needed her day and night and even on the weekends. We always felt she had our best interests in mind. She is a wonderful person and realtor. I refer all of my friends and family to her."- Jennifer Cyr

"Pauline kept us fully involved and up to date with all events of the sale. Pauline is a professional and does an excellent job as a realtor."-Joe & Tammi Polise

"Personal touch. Felt very comftorable. Sold in five days!!!" -Francis M

"Pauline was amazing. She really got to know us and would not rest until we found a house that was perfect for us. She always made sure that the houses come equipped with what we were looking for. She also gave us money resources to make our transaction easier!" - Rozanski & Rebecca P.

"We received excellent advice on how to make an old house look better for the market.  Always prompt in returning calls and answering questions." - Estate of Dorothy and Alfred Schiebel

"Timely, professional, accurate, courteous & communication was outstanding.  Agent availability was teriffic too!" - Robert and Adrienne Sniezek

"Pauline was EXCELLENT!  Very patient and thorough throughout the entire process." - Michael & Cori P. 

"Pauline is the best." - Justin Z.